Latin America

What is InternetLab?

InternetLab is an independent research center based in São Paulo (Brazil) that aims to foster academic debates around law and technology issues, especially internet policy. The goal is to conduct impactful interdisciplinary research and promote dialogue among academics, professionals, and policymakers. We follow an entrepreneurial non-profit model, which embraces our pursuit of producing scholarly research in the manner and spirit of an academic think tank. As a nexus of expertise in technology, public policy, and social sciences, our research agenda covers various topics, including privacy, freedom of speech, disinformation, gender, race, and technology.

What are we doing on this project?

 We are trying to analyze the implications of information disorder in Latin America, and its underlying motivations will be examined by assessing its impact on the region and evaluating various response strategies to address the issue. This will be done through three lenses: economic, socio-political, and media drivers in the current context, through different research methodologies. The following research questions will guide the analysis:
  • Economic drivers: What are the economic determinants of informational disorder in the context of digital market growth and its impact on media markets in Latin America?
  • Socio-political drivers: What are the dynamics of dissemination and consumption of disinformation through digital platforms? What is citizens’ perspective in an environment of informational disorder, and how does it influence social and political behavior in Latin American countries?
  • Media drivers: How has the advent of the Internet influenced media organizations in Latin American countries? Currently, how do media concentration and monopolization occur in Latin American countries? What is the significance of the media structure in the region for informational disorder?

InternetLab research team

  • Head of Research, Information and Politics.
  • Master of Science Student in Political Science at the University of São Paulo.